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Boatswains Beach
Tour this attraction where thousands of endangered marine turtles are raised to be released into the islands' waters. The turtles range in size from just a few ounces to hundreds of pounds. You can also enjoy the opportunity to handle a turtle and pose for a photo. 

Contact BKM for further information or to set up a private excursion to this wonderful attraction in the Cayman Islands.

Blow Holes 
Along the southern coastal road west of East End, you can stop to observe spectacular blowholes, which spew water high into the air when surf conditions are right. When you are there, be sure to sample some of the fresh fruit juices from a local vendor in a stand across the street. 

Contact BKM to arrange a private tour to view these Blow Holes

Pedro St. James

Pedro St. James Historic Site (formerly known as Pedro Castle), located about 20 minutes away from Georgetown on the South Shore, is an authentic great house and outbuildings constructed during the early 19th century and recently restored. It is the oldest stone building still standing in the Cayman Islands.

Contact BKM to arrange a private excursion to this interesting and historical site.


Located in West Bay, is the home to eerie, blackened rock formations that gave rise to the town's name. The main attraction is the little post office, from which you can send cards postmarked from "Hell."  Also, have an opportunity to meet the devil himself! 

Contact BKM to arrange a personal excursion to this interesting and unique attraction.

Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park

This is a 40-acre park which contains a nature trail and the two acre Heritage Gardens that replicate how Caymanians lived many generations ago. The Floral Garden features two-and-a-half acres of shrubs and flowers and there is a large, brackish lake, home to aquatic wildlife. The park is also home to 40 Grand Cayman Blue Iguanas. 

Contact BKM to arrange a private excursion to this interesting park

Seven Mile Beach
This stretch of white sand is caressed by a gentle, turquoise sea on one side and backed by palms and Mediterranean pines on the other. It is home to nearly every type of water sport, restaurant, bar, condominium and resort you can think.  It is also the vibrant heart of activity on Grand Cayman, day or night. 

Contact BKM for your private excursion on 7-Mile Beach

Mastic Trail 
For the individual interested in taking a three hour rustic, nature trail, the Mastic Trail is the answer.  Discover local animals and plant life in this once in a lifetime, different experience in Grand Cayman. 

Contact BKM to arrange a arrange an interesting day excursion.

George Town 
George Town is the capital of the Cayman Islands and the hub of government and business. Here you will find centers of international offshore banking and insurance, as well as the public library, post office and harbor. Duty-free shopping is popular as well, and it includes everything from the latest fashions to jewelry to cigars. 

Contact BKM to have a personal concierge assist you in Grand Cayman.

Boating and submarines
Grand Cayman has many options to offer regarding boating, submarine and related excursions. 

Contact BKM to discuss these options and to make reservations.

Rum Point
Located on the northern tip of Grand Cayman, offering panoramic views of the Caribbean's crystal clear waters. Have a walk on the beach, along the pier or sit down for lunch and famous drinks at the beach bar. 

Contact BKM to arrange a private excursion of this beautiful location, far away from crowds.

Cayman Brac 
Just a short flight away, either by jet or turbo prop, you can experience the unique island of Cayman Brac.  Let BKM assist you in day trip or longer excursion on Cayman Brac.  We can assist you with accommodations, car rentals and general itinerary planning.  BKM can also assist with personal concierge services during your stay in Cayman Brac. 

Contact BKM today for further information.

Sea and Beaches
Grand Cayman has much to offer regarding spectacular sea vies and beaches to explore and visit. 

Contact BKM to arrange a private specialized excursion to see all of these great sights that Grand Cayman has to offer


Little Cayman 
In less than an  hour's flight, you can experience the tranquility Little Cayman and all that it has to offer. 

Contact BKM for further information or assistance on planning your day trip or longer excursion to Little Cayman.



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